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"Huh? I was promised Naoto Shirogane, what's with Akito up there?!"

well you see. i got a little bored of almost only using naoto everywhere ( ̄  ̄|||) i still absolutely adore him! i just wanted something different, yknow? and i still love persona, i just thought it'd be cool to do stuff with other interests as well ^^

but anyways, hi! i go by a whole lot of names but you can call me mikey here ~ i'm just the average raccoon you'd find in the garbage bin and i'd much rather build a website than worry about school. i'm still pretty new at coding and i'm definitely not the greatest at making a cool looking page, but i hope you'll stick around!

The current mood of glttrgutz at www.imood.com

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WATCHING: Succession, a ton of horror movies
READING: Scott Pilgrim, IT
PLAYING: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (game), P3P, Splatoon 3
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