test results!!
I am a deredere! I am entire sweet and extremely energetic. I'm this was inside and out, even when down I just get right back to being my usual cheery self.
I am a Slowpoke!
I would have pink hair in an anime! I am delicate and feminine, as well as cheerful and charismatic. I can be cute and innocent, but there are some with pink hair who tend to be secretly perverted.
I'm like the clumsy yet lovable Cream Puff Cookie!
My warmth is at 62%, my intellect is at 66%, my emotional stability is at 26%, my aggressiveness is at 50%, my liveliness is at 62%, my dutifulness is at 30%, my social assertiveness is at 54%, my sensitivity is at 82%, my paranoia is at 86%, my abstractness is at 90%, my introversion is at 62%, my anxiety is at 82%, my openmindedness is at 90%, my independence is at 38%, my perfectionism is at 50%, and my tension is at 66%.

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a comprehensive list of some of my special interests:
  • vocaloid! although i only realized it was a spin recently, i've been obsessed with it since i was around 10. i'm pretty sure my first vocaloid song was a tale of six trillion years and a night!
  • scenemo stuff! i know that's not the best way to describe this one in only one or two words, but i'd rather not get put on a hitlist for saying scenecore, so... but anyways, scene & emo fashion/music/overall subcultures are very epic i think.
  • old web! more specifically, 2000s old web stuff (especially mid to late 2000s).
  • mcr & fall out boy! okay, this one's gonna be a little more complicated to explain, but while the two bands as a whole are spins, i'm somewhat more focused on the fandoms of these bands, specifically how they were in the 2000s/early 2010s.
  • pokemon! the first game in the series that i played was X in 2018! i've tried playing older games, but they're pretty hard for me for some reason... but whatever. my favorite pokemon is espurr!
characters i dream of kissing under the moonlight